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Do you have a quick question about social media?

Do you need an answer within 24 hours?

Have you searched and searched online but just can’t find what you’re looking for?

Have you hired social media consultants that just give you generic answers that are no help at all?

Then is the perfect solution for you. Pay just $15 per inquiry, answer a few questions for us, and we’ll get back to you within just 24 hours.

We specialize in:



Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads



The Details

  • We provide solutions for individuals, businesses AND nonprofit organizations.
  • 1 question is allowed per inquiry. If you have more than one question, simply sign up for more than one troubleshooting inquiry. Or you can book a Skype or phone consultation with me.
  • If I don’t know, or can’t figure out, the solution to your question, I will refund your money.

Who is The Social Media Troubleshooter?

Tim Sohn, CEO of Sohn Social Media Solutions, is The Social Media Troubleshooter. Tim has worked with many types of businesses on growing their social media marketing, including manufacturers, retail stores, wellness companies, publishers, entrepreneurs, and many more. You can contact Tim at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

To sign up for a social media troubleshooter, click the Buy Now button below. After submitting payment, we will send you an email requesting details of your inquiry.